Arpino, of mythical Saturn origins, has been a very important town fortified by the Volscians, Samnites and Romans. As evidence of its importance, there are the imposing megalithic walls, also called Cyclopean because of the size of the boulders with whom these walls are built. They contain an original door with a pointed arch, the most ancient of this genre. In 188 AD. Arpino received  the Roman citizenship and its inhabitants were entitled all the rights of Roman citizens; the city extended its territory north-westward to Casamari and southward to Arce. With Gaius Marius, the ager Arpinas became rich acquiring properties in Gaul. Ever since the early Middle Ages, Arpino was the dominion of numerous lords before belonging finally to the kingdom of Naples, after numerous quarrels with the Papacy. Arpino flourished till the unity of Italy for its wool industry. Among the churches worth remembering there is the church of S. Michele Arcangelo (10th cent.) preserving the Cavalier d'Arpino's works and some of the Caravaggio’s School.

{mosimage} In the Church of S. Maria di Civita (11th cent.) one can see the wooden statue of Assunta (10-11th cent.). The statue, particularly venerated by the inhabitants of Arpino, is taken in procession in the morning of the 15th of August, on a monumental and gold wooden "float" (18th cent.), work of Stolz. The Monastery of S.Andrea Apostolo, one of the most ancient monasteries of Benedictine seclusion in our area, houses an ancient oil painted Crucifix (17th cent.), under which was discovered a medieval example of a painted cross portraying the Christus triumphans, that is Christ triumphing over death (13th cent.).
{mosimage} Sindaco: Fabio Forte
{mosimage} Municipio: tel. 077685211
{mosimage} Abitanti: 7.430 ca
{mosimage} Altitudine: 450 m
{mosimage} Dist. dal Capoluogo 35 km
{mosimage} Carabinieri: tel. 0776849210
{mosimage} Vigili Urbani tel. 0776852105-6
{mosimage} Pro loco tel. 0776848535
{mosimage} Patrono: Madonna di Loreto
{mosimage} Giorno di mercato: Domenica
{mosimage} C.A.P. 03033
{mosimage} Pronto soccorso tel. 118
• S. Antonio Abate, tradizionale offerta della
  Polenta (Il Pappone)
• Il Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas
  (metà maggio)
• Mezz'Agosto Arpinate
• Il Gonfalone (domenica dopo 15 agosto)
• Mostre d'Arte periodiche.
• Festa dell'Emigrante Loc. Addolorata (Agosto)
• Museo della Liuteria
Centro Internazionale U.  Mastroianni
• Museo della lana 
• Museo dell'Arte Tipografica
• Area wilderness"Monte Caira-Gole del
  Melfa"e"Gole del fiume melfa"
• Biblioteca comunale
What to see 
Chiesa della Pietà
• Chiesa di S. Michele con dipinti del "Cavalier
• Castello di Ladislao 
•  Palazzo Iannuccelli 
Chiesa della Trinità
• Dipinti del Cavalier d'Arpino nelle varie chiese
• Casa natale del Giuseppe Cesari
  "Il Cavalier d'Arpino" 
• Sculture del M.o Umberto Mastroianni nei vari
  angoli del paese
• Fontana dell'Aquila Romana (rinascimetale) 
Resti della Via Latina 
Acropoli in loc. Civitavecchia: Arco a Sesto Acuto
  (unico al mondo) 
Mura Megalitiche 
Torre medioevale (torre di Cicerone) 
• Biblioteca ciceroniana 
• Antiquarium 
• Porta Napoli 
• Libro di Pietra
Famous peoples
Special dish
• Fiera del suino (26 Dicembre)
Where to eat and sleep
Ristorante Il Cavalier D'Arpino
• Hotel Il Cavalier d'Arpino
How to get there
By train:  Train Roma-Napoli via Cassino to Roccasecca. Train Roccasecca-Avezzano to Arpino.
By Motorway: From Rome: A1(Milano-Napoli) exit Frosinone. S.S. "dei Monti Lepini" towards Sora. Superstrada (Highway) Frosinone-Sora towards Sora - exit Castelliri. At Isola del Liri crossroads for Arpino.From Naples: A1(Napoli-Milano) exit Pontecorvo. S.S. 6 Casilina towards Frosinone. S.P. 82 towards Isola del Liri Sora. Crossroads for Arpino.

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